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Mor International is a key player in the fruit export business, working with customers around the world, providing both native grown Israeli produce and sourcing from other parts of the world to deliver year-round supply of fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs.

Our Products

From Peppers and Carrots to Avocados, Citrus, Pitayas, Lychees, Grapes, Pomegranates and much more. We have it all, fresh and top quality.


Peppers, Carrots and more

Green, Yellow, Red and Orange - with fine assortments of the finest fresh-grown peppers and top quality carrots.


Fresh Spices & Herbs

Smell the freshness !

Spruce up any salad or cooking with these finely picked fresh herbs brought to you directly from the field!


Juicy Citrus

Packed with Vitamin C

Sweet, Sour and tasty fresh grapefruit, rich with Vitamin C, sweet juice and plenty of taste!


Exotic Fruit

Pitayas, Lychees and more

From around the world and all the way to your table - our assortment of exotic fruit satifies your desires!

More about Mor 

With sales of ranging €50m, Mor International is a known player in the Israeli fruit export business, led by its highly influential chief executive Meir Ben-Artzy. Working with customers around the world, it also operates sourcing programmes from other parts of the world to deliver year-round supply – most notably, it was responsible for creating a counter-seasonal supply base for persimmons (known as Sharon fruit) in South Africa. Crucially, Mor has a number of long-term relationships with important growers, both within and outside Israel. 

From 2018 the company is part of Greenyard, a produce giant, reinforcing its strategy to build a direct connection with the grower via programmed growing and elnarging Greenyard's geographical spread and sourcing capabilities.

This partnership delivers high quality and freshness to end customers globally and supports all-year-round fruit and vegetable supply chains. 

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